Thursday, July 7, 2011


What can be more refreshing on a hot, humid summer day than a glass of ice-cold lemonade? Purists may insist on making their own, but it's more fun making it in this pitcher.The handle on the top makes it easy to mix the concentrate. As I said, it's lots of fun. This pitcher is for Niek and Diana who are without lemonade in the Netherlands. Sorry—you get herring, and I get lemonade!


  1. That looks *really* good-- no pink lemonade over here, either... :-( No...wait. I lied-- I have seen it in the occasional fountain at a restaurant (it's really good mixed with mixed fruit juice and white soda--pretty, too:-)).

    I know we don't have the concentrate, though-- how do you make pink lemonade pink if you're making it from scratch?

  2. I just did a quick on-line search for "pink lemonade make." Apparently, you use cranberry juice. Can you get cranberry juice in Japan?

    Can you get "white soda" in Japan? By that, I mean, sweet white soda, not 7-Up type soda. That is a favorite in Wisconsin and hard to come by here.

    Today, we are drinking limeade. We got the last discounted container at our favorite former-Amish discount grocer. Temperature is over 90 degrees F, so the limeade tastes really good today.

    I need to take more photos and add to this little blog.