Monday, June 13, 2011

Camping at Turkey Run

Turkey Run State Park in Indiana is one of our favorite parks and places to hike. When we decided not to spend the money to go to the upper peninsula of Michigan this year, it was not hard to opt for a six-day trip to Turkey Run. Instead of walks along Lake Superior shoreline and hikes to find tall pines, we were in for moderate to rugged trails through topography that looks nothing like the relatively flat farmland of northeastern Indiana.

A flat spot along the bluff
Suspension bridge over Sugar Creek

Camping for us means hooking up our 26-foot trailer to our pick-up truck and heading for a campground.We used to tent-camp, and we had a pop-up trailer for one camping trip, but those days are behind us. We have a comfortable bed, small kitchen, bathroom, table and small couch, heating and air conditioning. I guess people now call it "RV-ing, but we still saying "camping." 

Dennis and Greta relax under the awning. Yes, the dog has her own chair.
A visitor to our trailer 
Be observant to spot these spiders.
Most of the wonderful photos from the rugged trails were taken by Dennis, since my left knee has been bothering me for months and I chose to remain at the campground. I contented myself with some easy hiking and wandering through the campground looking for interesting wildlife.

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
We saw lots of Tiger Swallowtails. Unfortunately, the only one I could photograph landed at our campsite with a damaged left wing.

Camping is hard work. Greta is waiting for me to join her for  "reading time."
I'll have more photos and camping commentary this week. 


  1. Oh!! Turkey Run! Sugar Creek! We camped there--I don't know how many times when I was a kid. The top right photo made me almost jump in recognition. From some deep part of my brain, a childhood memory leapt to the fore:-)) Turkey Run is just beautiful. When did you get the RV? I don't remember you having that! Looks like a really nice one. Makes me want to get one and spend a couple of years driving and traveling...

  2. p.s.-- Greta is *so* cute! What breed is she again?

  3. We camped before children. We went for weekends with the kids to
    a cabin about a half hour from our house when we lived in Nebraska.

    We got back into camping with a pop-up camper (for one weekend.) I think I have a story for my blog with that one. If my memory is correct, we have been camping for about ten years. Biggest expense is gas, with 10-12 mpg. We cook most of our meals. Dennis grills a lot. Of course, we can't resist going out to eat good whitefish, walleye or perch when in Michigan.

    Greta is a mix—half Doberman, half lab.

    I will post more Turkey Run photos this week and perhaps show off the trailer, too.